American Stonecraft: 7" Food Slab

American Stonecraft

This food-safe 7" Food Slab was made from a fieldstone that was hand gathered at a small working farm in New England. Each Slab is unique in shape and color and the stone’s farm-provenance is permanently labeled on the underside. The top surface is hand polished to a glossy finish in a nine-stage process and finished with a water-proof, food-safe seal.

Now you can use this Food Slab to serve cheeses and meats, fruits and vegetables, and fresh baked goods. This stone also works well as a trivet for hot dishes. Hand wash with soap and water; 
safe for fridge and freezer; not designed for oven use.

Dimensions: 8.5"w x 6"h x 0.25"d 




Gerald Croteau III
Lowell, Massachusetts

The story of American Stonecraft™ started when artist and founder Gerald Croteau III fell in love with the fieldstone walls dotting his childhood landscape of Massachusetts. Gerald was inspired to share this love when he discovered stone cutting at a workshop. Now, he hand-gathers stones from farmers’ fields, then slices, polishes and seals them to craft the very first farm-to-table serving plate.

Category: 7" Food Slabs

Type: Home Decor


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