Brian Becher
Columbus, Ohio

Brian Becher Brian Becher has been working with glass since 1999 when he first attended the Pilchuck Glass School, which was founded by the legendary Dale Chihuly. He has studied five times at the Pilchuck Glass School, as well as at the Penland School of Crafts, and the Corning Museum of Glass. In 2003, Brian received a BFA from The Ohio State University. Since the beginning, he has explored many directions and techniques in regards to the creation of his work, and has studied and worked with a multitude of artists, thus cultivating and rounding out his personal aesthetic. In all of his pieces, Brian tries to create a synthesis between an age-old tradition and modern appeal. Using a color palette that is primarily modern, Brian creates forms that are classical in nature and achieves a balance between line, form, and color. In all of Brian's pieces, he seeks to achieve a universal sense of beauty. Brian has won numerous awards, and is shown in over 55 galleries around the country.