Booker Morey
San Jose, California

Booker Morey The Leaf Lines story began in 1993, when founder Booker Morey discovered a unique process for exposing the fine vein structure in leaves. Leaves have an intricate structure and natural symmetry, a fragile beauty that is normally hidden and transient, like that of a snowflake or a spider’s web. Since the beginning, each leaf has been hand picked and examined specifically for its unique shape. The leaf is then led through a secret process that brings to light its inner skeletal body, typically hidden to the naked eye. The result is a distinctive leaf that has been infused with hues of color seen in nature’s own color pallet. A chosen group of leaves are then composed meticulously on a branch. Finally, an elegant shadowbox frame is mounted, giving the viewer a three dimensional depth of view and bringing to life the leaves’ graceful beauty. In 2016, Booker Morey retired and the business moved to San Jose, California, where Senada Salihbasic is continuing the business.