Marianne Wakerlin
South Stafford, Vermont

Solmate Socks has been designing and knitting stunning mismatched socks, hats, scarves, mittens, and fingerless mittens for many years. Marianne Wakerlin, the Socklady, is the founder and owner of Solmate Socks. Marianne’s mom, Sunny, taught Marianne how to knit when she was nine years old. Marianne continued a life long enthusiasm for knitting, but it wasn’t until she started knitting socks that her real passion was born. Over the years, Marianne knit over one hundred pairs of socks for family and friends. She then decided to turn her hobby into a business and Solmate Socks was born. Her colorful and complex patterns are knit in the USA at a family owned knitting mill, hand finished, and then “mismatched with care.” The company is run in a small town in central Vermont, where the Socklady is surrounded and inspired by the woods, brooks, gardens, and hills of the countryside.

Solmate Socks are knit from the ingenious repurposing of recycled cotton yarn. Using recycled yarns means that Solmate Socks decreases the amount of cotton waste sent to landfills. The yarns used also reduce the amount of water, land use, pesticides, and herbicides used to grow new cotton fibers, as well as eliminates the need for harmful chemicals to dye virgin cotton yarn. In addition, the sock designing, knitting, and finishing final touches are completed at small, family-owned businesses in Vermont, North Carolina, and Oregon.

Always remember the Solmate Socks Slogan: “Life’s too short for matching socks!”