Tim Earling
Redondo Beach, California

Tim Earling Wood U Like specializes in personalized, handcrafted, functional wood art pieces inspired by woods from all over the world. Tim Earling of Wood U Like grew up in a small city in the Midwest known for its football team (it‘s the smallest city in the US to have an NFL team). Many long, cold winters growing up there kept Tim working indoors with his Dad in their basement wood shop, helping him build everything from cabinets to clocks. Being from a remote part of the country, Tim was always interested in traveling and seeing other parts of the USA. During college summer breaks, Tim traveled by car and saw every State within the continental USA by the time he graduated. After graduating college, he backpacked around the world for 4 years. What he experienced and learned during that period changed his perspective on everything. It strengthened his work ethic, made him passionate about conservation, influenced his relationships, and deepened his appreciation for everything he had. Travel is still very important to Tim and his goal is to visit every country on the globe. He tries to do this as frugally as possible, attempting to integrate and experience local cultures and local ways of life. As of April 2016, Tim has traveled to 138 countries of the 196 that exist. On his journeys, he is attracted to the local woods and how their shapes, colors, grains and patterns tell about the culture of origin. Tim incorporates these journeys into his work as much as possible, sourcing sustainable woods for his work.