Boarding Pass: Cedar Box O' Balls

Boarding Pass

A box of Eastern Red Cedar aromatic balls to freshen your closet, sock drawer, or gym bag. They're made of aromatic Eastern Red Cedar, so they smell great and do wonders to absorb noxious odors. They are harvested and cut in the United States from a self-renewing non-endangered natural resource.

These cedar balls are very effective odor killers because of the aromatic oils in the cedarwood fibers. Want to make them last longer? Simply sand the balls lightly every couple of months.




Mike Arnot
Brooklyn, New York

A men’s brand and design company founded in 2012 by Mike Arnot, Boarding Pass focuses its design on essential items that men need to make their day excellent—from the time they wake until they go to sleep. Boarding Pass strives to create men’s goods that are charming, surprising, maybe a little cheeky, but always of the highest quality. Simply put: Men’s Goods. Made Great.

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