Leaf Lines: Mixed Leaf Coaster Set

Leaf Lines

Each of the four Mixed Leave Coasters in this set feature a unique leaf. Craftsman Booker Morey discovered a process to etch leaves, revealing the intricate beauty of the veins; the leaves are then hand dyed in autumn colors. Included are four sticky-back hangers that can be attached to the back of the coasters if you choose to hang them on the wall in an arrangement. The tabs will not interfere with the use of the coasters as coasters.

Overall Dimensions: 4.5"w x 4.5"h x 0.25"d



Booker Morey
San Jose, California

Booker Morey discovered a process for exposing the fine vein structure in leaves in 1993. Each leaf is hand-treated to reveal its inner lacy design, hand dyed in autumn colors, and then arranged in a frame chosen for its quiet elegance and for its enhancement of the leaf’s complex natural pattern.

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