Lizzy James: Girlfriend Wrap: Natural Black with Shell Charm

Lizzy James

Each Girlfriend Wrap has two strands of Natural Black leather with silver-plated crescents, beads, and clasp, as shown. Designed to be worn as either a necklace or a wrap bracelet, this Girlfriend Wrap is perfect for anyone who loves charm bracelets. The delightful Cross Heart Charm combines the love in your heart with your spiritual side. Stack this wrap with other bracelets for a unique look! Recommend using a DRY polishing cloth, if necessary.



Sizing Information 
Measure your wrist with a string, ribbon, or tape measure WITHOUT SLACK—just above your wrist bone where you wear a watch or bracelet—to determine your wrist size. Measure your wrist, not another bracelet.

Several sizes may fit one person, depending on how you like to wear a bracelet. Some women like it tighter (like a cuff), but most prefer it looser (like a bangle). The following sizes allow for a bracelet with slack in it, so that it loosely fits your wrist and dangles.

If the string measures 5 7/8" – 6 1/8" without slack—your size is Small.

If the string measures 6 1/4" – 6 1/2" without slack—your size is Medium.



Elizabeth James
Del Mar, California

Elizabeth, aka Lizzy of Lizzy James, is the innovative jewelry designer and artisan, whose well-trained eye and intuitive flair for color and shape makes for jewelry that appeals to all women. The Lizzy Wrap—handcrafted in the USA—is a modern, well designed, wrap bracelet with an extra large secure clasp for easy wear. The bracelet can also be worn as a necklace!

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