Merrily Made by Merrie: Mosaic Stylus Pens: Aqua Circles

Merrily Made by Merrie

These Mosaic Stylus Pens make a great gift item for anyone who has a touch screen device. The stylus end of the pen is perfect for use on any tablet, iPhone, or iPad. Flip it over to use the pen on paper. The beautiful mosaic patterns are handmade in polymer, a form of plastic.

Dimensions: 5.5" long



Merrie Buchsbaum
Cromwell, Connecticut

Merrie Buchsbaum is a self-taught polymer artist and started Merrily Made by Merrie in 1992. Her award-winning creations have been sold around the world, but she is proud to call her products “handmade in America.” Merrie is known for her incredible sense of color and intricate mosaic patterns. Merrie finds inspiration in her serene surroundings and values the variety that each day brings.

Category: Stylus Pens

Type: Office

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