Owen & Fred: Coasters: Black Herringbone Leather

Owen & Fred

Introducing Owen & Fred's Black Herringbone Leather coasters—a set of four coasters. Herringbone is a classic weave for suits, and they've adapted a version for these leather coasters.

This custom design uses 10 oz English bridle leather from Wickett & Craig for these coasters—they've got a nice hand to them and are water-resistant.

Dimensions: 4" diameter



Mike Arnot
Brooklyn, New York

A men’s brand and design company founded in 2012 by Mike Arnot, Owen & Fred focuses its design on essential items that men need to make their day excellent—from the time they wake until they go to sleep. Owen & Fred strives to create men’s goods that are charming, surprising, maybe a little cheeky, but always of the highest quality. Simply put: Men’s Goods. Made Great.

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