Spooner Creek: Magnet Tiles: Wine Helps

Spooner Creek

This cute ceramic magnet tile is handmade in Shell Lake, Wisconsin by the Macone family. Michael Macone developed a unique process of etching his designs into the clay, giving each tile a dimensional quality than can be appreciated by the hand as well as the eye.

Dimensions: 1.5"w x 3"h x .375"d




Michael Macone
Shell Lake, Wisconsin

Spooner Creek/Macone Clay ceramic tiles are the artwork of Michael Macone expressed in clay. Michael began making pottery over 30 years ago, and continues today working with his two sons, Miles and Clayton, in their Northern Wisconsin studio. Early in his career, Michael developed a unique engraving technique that allows him to etch his designs right into the clay, rather than placing the designs only on the surface of the clay. This “real art etched in clay” has a dimensional quality that can be appreciated with the hand as well as the eye.

Category: Magnet Tiles

Type: Inspirational

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