Vintage Girl Designs: Wood Plaque: Today

Vintage Girl Designs

Today is a good day. At this very moment my heart is content and my soul doesn’t need mending—right now. I love being myself as this very moment. Today is a good day. Michelle DeFillipo is the artist behind Vintage Girl Designs. Her inspirational words, love of vintage papers, and acute knowledge of color theory are the signature of her work. Each handmade Wood Plaque can stand up or hang on a wall, is .75" thick, and is available in different sizes. 




Michelle DeFillipo
Charlotte, North Carolina

Michelle DeFillipo started Vintage Girl Designs in 2001. Her designs evolve from paper, paint, and her words of inspiration, and are then made into wood plaques, ceramic dishes, greeting cards, enclosure cards, and more. Michelle lives in North Carolina and is a full-time artist and mother of three.

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