Vitrix Hot Glass Studio: Snowmen: Jester

Vitrix Hot Glass Studio

Hand-sculpted snowmen with colorful cane work that gives each figure its own whimsical personality. These cheerful snowmen are here to bring charming joy to your holidays! Made of solid glass, one Vitrix Snowman is cuter than the next!

Dimensions: Approximately 2.75"w x 2.75"d x 6.5"h



Thomas P. Kelly
Corning, New York

“Hot glass challenges me constantly,” says Tom Kelly, owner of Vitrix Hot Glass Studio, located in the historic Market Street district of Corning, New York. “I don’t think I really control the molten glass, I just influence it. I am passionate about bringing the craft and design together to give each piece its own character.”

Category: Holiday

Type: Home Decor

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